Property & Development Law

Property and Development Law specialists to help you maximise
your property investment or development outcomes.

Maximise your investment by ensuring that your development uses an experienced property development team. Pacific Law’s dedicated property development specialists have been acting for some of Australia’s largest investor property groups and developers for over two decades. Specialising in developments of every type and size, our long-standing clients tell us that our expert practical advice, reliability and efficiency makes us essential to their daily operations.

From large commercial or residential subdivisions to small duplex developments, joint ventures and body corporate issues, we can assist you with:

  • Land subdivisions
  • Apartment building development
  • Off-the-plan contracts and sales
  • Call options and put and call options
  • Acquisitions and sales of development sites
  • Purchase and sales of commercial and residential properties and assets
  • Joint ventures and syndicates
  • Building contract review and project management agreements
  • Subdivisions and amalgamations
  • Preparing, negotiating and enforcing easements
  • Establishing community title schemes and building management statements
  • Boundary realignments, encroachments and unregistered encumbrances

Property and Development Law

Pacific Law’s team of property and development lawyers are industry experts, highly skilled in handling property developments of all types, sizes and specifications including:

  • Residential land, townhouses, units and apartment buildings
  • Commercial developments
  • Industrial developments
  • Rural developments
  • Domestic building developments

We represent the interests of a wide range of clients, such as:

  • Builders
  • Property developers
  • Project managers
  • Independent contractors and sub-contractors
  • Building owners
  • Property consultants
  • Surveyors
  • Architects
  • Engineers

Property & Development Law

The Development Law expertise you need

Navigating the complicated building and construction legal systems across Queensland, NSW and Victoria can be challenging. As experts in development law, Pacific Law can help you negotiate the entire building and construction process from buying and selling property to project completion, including:

  • Pre-contractual drafting and contract review
  • Body corporate advice
  • Joint Venture negotiation
  • Assistance interpreting and acting on the Home Building Act 1989
  • Risk management and building protection work

At Pacific Law, our priority is to simplify the development process through strategic solutions that lead to the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

Every building and construction project is different, and requires experience and innovation to negotiate any conflicts that arise, and ensure you understand the process and remain in control.

Joint Ventures

Without a properly written and signed joint venture agreement, protecting your interests and/or enforcing your rights can be problematic.

A property joint venture occurs where two or more parties agree to pool their resources for the purpose of investing in and developing property. For example, one party provides the work and expertise, while the other funds the project.

To be effective, joint ventures must be in writing and signed by all parties, and should typically be entered into upon identifying the development opportunity, but before significant time passes and/or financial commitments are made. The detail required in the agreement depends on the size and complexity of the project – it is important to understand that no two joint ventures are the same, and the documentation must reflect these particularities.

A joint venture agreement provides the legal and operational framework for the project, and typically includes:

  • Details of all parties
  • The project being undertaken
  • Project timetable and timelines
  • Budget
  • The responsibilities of each party
  • Details of the decision-making process
  • Dispute handling process
  • How profit/loss will be shared

With decades of experience documenting joint venture agreements, Pacific Law’s property development specialists are well-equipped to help you protect your interests and enforce your rights.

“…  Whether it be conveyancing, deal structures, entity structures, complex contracts, joint ventures agreements or whatever we seem to throw at them, they have provided commercial advice in each area for our clients and us. Highly communicative, efficient, focused, commercial is how we would describe the team at Pacific Law.”

— Mal Cayley, Direct Collective

Since 2014 I have used Pacific Law personally and for business. They have been professional, timely and efficient. Communication has been great with emails and phone calls responded to quickly. I will continue to use Pacific Law for our developments into the future.

Gavin Wuiske, General Manager, Grandview.